About Us


How We Started

Welcome to WISA World!  Our brand was created in 2021 by Wisa in Surprise, Arizona.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Wisa started to recognized the greater need of mental health and wellness. Everyone, everywhere in the world was feeling the impact and our general mental health was deteriorating.  Our anxiety, depression, being trapped at home, we were all suffering, mentally and physically.  To help Wisa’s own mental health, she started taking yoga classes to connect her mind and body.  As she began to notice her herself feeling centered, calm, aware, and overall better, she encouraged others to choose their mental health and happiness first.

While practicing yoga, Wisa’s outfits always distracted her, her pants felt rough and didn’t stretch well.  She tried all types of leggings and tops, still feeling distracted.  Wisa knew what she wanted, affordable prices leggings that felt soft to touch, stretched with her body as she went from the tree to the mermaid to the Malasana pose.

Wisa World was born!  Clothing we not just pose in comfortably, but live in, play in, go out on the town in!  Wisa combined her love for fashion, passion for yoga and her new mission, to create beautiful, effortless, high-quality, feel like a second skin clothing!  We all should feel confidence in what we wear. To breathe, move and be functional no matter your body type. WISA World is about your everyday lifestyle, taking the kids to school, soccer practice, yoga, FIIT class, enjoying a movie or having drinks with friends! 

What makes WISA active wear different?  Our gear is wear-tested by trainers and yoga teachers before you see them for sell. We take their feedback and build on it or get it ready for you!  We have had feedback that made us scrap a design, which is why we’re confident you’ll love your WISA gear.  WISA World is about you, playing rough, lounging around, looking and feeling the best you.

The launch of the first WISA World collection was out of Wisa’s house.  She is designing, customizing all of the items herself, there are no investors or individuals to make Wisa compromise.  When you buy WISA gear, you’re supporting a woman owned business, built with passion, long hours, a few tears and lots of joy!  Wisa and all of us at WISA World hope you enjoy your WISA clothing.  We would love to see you share your WISA pics with us on Instagram and other social media, tag us #_wisaworld.